La Belle Steel: Barbecue Utensil Label Photography

I produced the following shots for the kitchen ware company Nova Star Pty Ltd, who operate from Fairfield, New South Wales. The team wanted a series of images that would successfully illustrate their new line of barbecue utensils. Initially when we were testing the flame we threw vegetable oil onto the coals. Though the oil flared up, it burnt immediately. A hardware company suggested the use of firewood, which helps to feed the flames, allowing for the best shots. If you are attempting barbecue photography I would recommend:

  • Check the fire safety warnings before you begin your shoot
  • Shoot later in afternoon so as to avoid bright lights.
  • Use of safety goggles is essential to avoid burning your eyes
  • Allow your camera to “cool down” between shots, it get pretty hot
  • Make sure to have two or more people around to help you control the fire, and have fire extinguisher or garden hose ready to put out flames