The new MacWarrior in town


Get ready Macquarie University. There’s a new MacWarrior in town.

Grapeshot was very excited to welcome the newly-appointed University mascot in his first-ever appearance since being selected for the role.

Dressed in a bright red and green tartan kilt the MacWarrior stood strong, proud and ready to lead the Macquarie community to excellence. With a Scottish accent that was ‘given to him at birth,’ the MacWarrior described his role saying, “I’m the brave and fierce mascot of Macquarie University. I’m athletic, diligent and a liberator.”

Eager to stir up some spirit for the campus, the MacWarrior says, “I’d be using my position to bring everyone closer together through a unified image.” He describes his role as an intermediary between staff and students and that he’ll, “Be using the individuality and humour of the role to get everyone to mesh together.”

Joanne D’Souza from Campus Life Sport coordinated the selection process. After an initial online questionnaire the successful applicants underwent a series of face-to-face interviews with staff members of Campus Life Sport. The MacWarrior says he was very nervous having to, ‘plead a case as to why he should be selected.’ In addition, the previous MacWarrior [Robbie] was called in to give the candidates an opportunity to learn how to present themselves in a series of situations. These included events such as Open Days, O-Week and Information Nights.

The MacWarrior looks forward to bringing a new twist to the role. “It’s really tongue-in-cheek and fun to play.” Ultimately, he says, “I just want to give back to the community that’s given so much to me.”

Writer’s note: A version of this article was first published in Grapeshot Magazine Issue 5, 2013: Memories.


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